Vinci and the Chianti of the hills between Pisa and Florence

This smal town, located in the hills nearby Pisa, is where Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452. Everything in Vinci town tells us about the Genius: his house, his church, the medieval streets and even winemaking.
The hills between Pisa and Florence produce a unique Chianti thanks to the position near the sea which gives a milder climate than the areas inland, tempered by sea breezes. Spring frosts are rare, and there is less rainfall here than in central Tuscany.
The limestone-based clay and shale soils provide an excellent terroir as they are well enough drained to encourage deep root growth, but also store enough
water to keep vines in good health throughout the growing season.

The Chianti of these hills tends to be lighter and softer than most Chiantis, displaying a ruby-red color, violet aromas and a dry, fruity and slightly tannic nature when young.

Recommended Restaurant

Il Ristoro del Museo
Via Montalbano 9, Vinci
tel. 0571-56516
Mariella & Maurizio Berretta will be happy to serve you the best traditional tuscan dishes 

Recommended B&B

Hotel Alexandra
Via dei Martiri 82, Vinci
tel. +39-0571-56224
Recommended Historic Sites

Museo Leonardiano, museum of Leonardo da Vinci. This museum has displays of some of the inventions that are drawn in Leonardo's notebooks.

Casa Natale di Leonardo, the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci. It is a farmhouse. There are some reproductions of his drawings at the house.

Church of Santa Croce, built in the 13th century but later remade in neo-Renaissance style
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