Cantina di Montalcino

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The Cantina of Montalcino is located in Val di Cava, among the hills leading to the town of Montalcino (arriving from Montepuciano).
It has been operating fo the last 40 years as the only cooperative producing Brunello: 100 small Brunello producers sharing a vision, the financial needs and several critical activities in order to produce the best possible Brunello di Montalcino.
The winery was recently expanded (n a partnership with Cantine Leonardo) and the new building where winemaking takes place is designed to capture the shapes of the surrounding hills. Internally, a long bridge crosses the whole area of vinification allowing to supervise all activities ongoing; the wine ages in a quiet basement built to preserve the best conditions for wine maturation. Solar energy is widely used to support the needs of the winery in full respect of the environment.
Wine tasting at this winery will offer you the uique privilege to taste one of th best Bunello di Montalcino or Rosso di Montalcino, combined with delicious local food. To do wine tasting, reservation is needed: call Lorenzo Danielli at 0577-848704 or write an email to [email protected]
The address is: Localita' Val di Cava, Montalcino.
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