How does the Passport works?

It is very simple! YOU can get an empty passport at any of the 12 wineries. YOU get a stamp from each of them only if YOU participate in a wine-tasting event. After YOU have tasted the wines of the 12 wineries and YOU got the 12 stamps on your passport, you will officially become an holder of The 12-grapes Tuscan Trail Passport, with full entitlement to its benefits:
- a 10% discount on any purchase from the 12 wineries (max 12 bottles)
- a  "12 Grapes" T-shirt or hat
- an  engraved personalized item
The 12-Grapes Company will work with the wineries and the other partners to control that the process will be followed to YOUR satisfaction.
Wine Tasting in Tuscany!

Wine tasting: why Tuscany? Italy and France are the biggest wine producers worldwide; however Italy has byfar the highest  biodiversity and counts more than 300 different types of grapevines ( "Vitis vinifera), leading to a very high number of different wines, able to satisfy every rrequests. Among all Italian Regions, Tuscany represents the best example of this diversification and couples this special feature with an history of winemaking which dates back well before the Roman Empire.
We have selected 12 well-known wineries based on their ability to show the spectrum of the different tuscan wines and to make your wine-tasting experience simply unforgettable.
We suggest a complete journey that will allow you to visit these 12 wineries while visiting historic sites , taste the best food and spend your resting time in relaxing specially selected places.
During this journey, a "12 Grapes" passport will be with you to document your wine-tasting experiences and to certify that YOU are a "12 Grapes" Tuscan Wine-Tasting expert.
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The 12 Grapes

The Wine Tasting Tuscan Trail Passport

Why 12 grapes?
The tradition of eating 12 grapes for good luck originated in Spain, but it is now widespread worldwide.
The tradition consists of eating a grape with each bell strike at midnight of December 31.

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